Show to the market that you produce in a sustainable manner

In an industry where you deal with living products it is important for consumers to be able to trust their suppliers. The Fair Flowers Fair Plants label is your guarantee that the products have been grown in a responsible manner and with respect for people and the environment. An excellent way to distinguish in the market.

Sustainable mark
Flowers and plants that bear the Fair Flowers Fair Plants mark provide a clear added value as these products meet the highest requirements in terms of the environment and personnel. It is good to show traders, retailers and consumers that they can buy sustainable products pre-eminently from your company, which can be done by for instance labelling final products that are ready for consumers or by offering your products to registered Fair Flowers Fair Plants traders and retailers so that they can label your flowers and plants. Make sure to always include the Fair Flowers Fair Plants characteristic as a certificate when you provide information about your range and transactions.

Traceable flowers and plants
Fair Flowers Fair Plants is more than just a mark. The label also contains a unique code through which flowers and plants are traceable. This allows consumers to find information through this website related to the origin and growing methods used with the products that they have bought. All links in the horticultural supply chain contribute their bit. Hence registered wholesalers and retailers meet the requirements set by Fair Flowers Fair Plants.

The Fair Flowers Fair Plants Mark
If you invest in Fair Flowers Fair Plants you can benefit by showing your ultimate clients that you deliver fair flowers or plants. You can do this by for instance labelling Fair Flowers Fair Plants final products that are ready for consumers that come from your own nursery. You can apply for a separate license for this purpose.

More information?
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