Would you like to provide your clients with a guarantee of sustainable flowers and plants?

Just like transparency in the chain, sustainability has become a social requirement. Consumers increasingly expect to be able to establish the origin of a product. Would you like to provide your clients with a guarantee of sustainable flowers and plants and profile yourself as a sustainable business? Make a conscious decision to offer products that bear the Fair Flowers Fair Plants label.

Strict requirements
Flowers and plants that bear the Fair Flowers Fair Plants mark have been grown by companies that meet very strict requirements. These nurseries are being tested by independent organisations on their environmental performance and ensure that the social conditions of workers are in order. And that is exactly what consumers are looking for today.

Traceable flowers and plants
Fair Flowers Fair Plants is more than just a mark. The label also contains a unique code through which flowers and plants are traceable. This allows consumers, with your help, to find information through this website related to the origin and growing methods used with the products that they have bought. All links in the horticultural supply chain contribute their bit. Hence registered wholesalers and retailers also meet the requirements set by Fair Flowers Fair Plants.

You can now check the currently available assortment of cut flowers and potted plants online!

Free promotional package
The participation fee is € 105,00 per branch / affiliate per year. (Due to rate £75.00). If you invest in Fair Flowers Fair Plants you can benefit by showing your clients that you trade in fair flowers and plants. For this reason you are listed as a participant on this website and we provide you with the one-time free promotional package with material for your shop. You will receive this package immediately after confirmation of participation and after your payment has been received. Extra labels and promotional materials are bought at your own expense

More information?
Would you like to participate and would you like to know what conditions apply to you? See the “conditions for retailers” page and register today! If you would like more information or if you have any questions, please contact us by phone at +31 (0)6 53 87 93 57 or by mail to: info@fairflowersfairplants.com. We will be happy to assist you.