Make a difference with your customers

To be able to survive in today's market you need to be an entrepreneur that makes a difference. You can do this by offering an exceptional range or by excelling in the field of sustainability. The Fair Flowers Fair Plants label can also help your customers stand out from stand from the rest and generate additional sales.

Wide range
Flowers and plants that bear the Fair Flowers Fair Plants mark have been grown with respect for people and the environment. Participating nurseries are in compliance with international standards. Because an increasing number of growers recognise the added value of certification, the range of Fair Flowers Fair Plants products available is ever increasing. Would you like to stay updated with the latest range available? Ask for a monthly participants list or click 'search participants' at the top of this page. You can also see a complete overview of the current range of cut flowers and the current range of pot plants online.

Traceable flowers and plants
Fair Flowers Fair Plants is more than just a mark. The label also contains a unique code through which flowers and plants are traceable. This allows consumers to find information through this website related to the origin and growing methods used with the products that they have bought. All links in the horticultural supply chain contribute their bit. Hence registered wholesalers and retailers also meet the requirements set by Fair Flowers Fair Plants.

Check the currently available assortment of cut flowers and potted plants online now!

The Fair Flowers Fair Plants Mark
If you invest in Fair Flowers Fair Plants you can benefit by showing your clients that you trade in fair flowers and plants. You can do this by for instance labelling final products that are ready for consumers and came from Fair Flowers Fair Plants growers. You can apply for a separate license for this purpose. Make sure to always include the Fair Flowers Fair Plants characteristics as “certificate” when you provide information about your range and transactions, e.g. in your online store and on your invoices.

More information?
Would you like to participate and would you like to know what conditions apply to you? See the page “conditions for wholesalers” and register today! If you would like more information or if you have any questions, please contact us by phone at +31 (0)6 53 87 93 57 or by e-mail We will be happy to assist you.