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Living a Fair Future!

Consumers are deliberately opting for fair produced products and we perceive that this is not only important with the food that we consume. It is also getting increasingly important to know whether the flowers and plants that we buy have been grown in a responsible manner. Fair Flowers Fair Plants is THE consumer label that provides you with this guarantee.

Consciously opt for sustainable
Fair Flowers Fair Plants is a label attached to flowers and plants that originate from growers that meet the highest demands related to the environment and personnel, when it comes to issues such as working conditions, hygiene and safety. This website contains more information to help you consciously opt for sustainable flowers and plants.

International support
Fair Flowers Fair Plants products are grown all over the world and are available in various countries in Europe. Every country has its own guidelines. International organisations for growers and traders, trade unions, environmental and human rights organisations have all played an important role in the establishment of Fair Flowers Fair Plants and they are still actively involved in the implementation and development of the programme.

Join the community!
You can also do your part to help us create a better living environment. Still not convinced? Go to our page with 10 reasons why you should choose Fair Flowers Fair Plants. If you have any questions or if you require additional information, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.