Fair Flowers Fair Plants is an independent foundation established to create a global social and environmental standard for flowers and plants. The international floriculture sector collaborates with human rights and environmental organisations and the international trade union movement in this regard. Click here for an overview of the organisations involved.

Stimulating demand
MPS is responsible for the marketing and operational activities for the consumer label, in collaboration with the FFP Foundation. Their combined ambition is to position Fair Flowers Fair Plants in the market to ensure that growers, wholesalers and retailers will all benefit through their positions as sustainable operators. The aim is to ensure that the label ultimately creates more demand for Fair Flowers Fair Plants products.

Management with an international flavour
The management team at Fair Flowers Fair Plants reflects the international nature of this initiative as it is made up of representatives from organisations involved from northern and southern countries. Management represents:
• growers
• traders
• human rights and environmental organisations
• unions