Fair Flowers Fair Plants, the international standard

Consumers are increasingly turning to fair trade products that have been grown with respect for people and the environment. The Fair Flowers Fair Plants label serves this need well as participating growers meet high environmental and social requirements. They are strictly monitored, which they can also prove based on certificates issued to them.

The international standard of Fair Flowers Fair Plants consists of the following two components:

1. Environmental certification
Nurseries where flowers and plants that bear the Fair Flowers Fair Plants label must achieve at least MPS-A certification or a comparable level. If a grower should fall back to MPS-B the company is given a grace period of one year to once again meet all of the requirements for MPS-A certification. Growers can also be given conditional membership of Fair Flowers Fair Plants. More information about environmental certification from MPS can be found on the certification requirements page. MPS is an international organisation that develops and manages certificates for the horticulture sector. You can read more about this on the MPS website.

2. Social certification
These nurseries meet the requirements of the International Code of Conduct for cut flowers (ICC). If a company has not yet attained social certification, but it has been successfully tested against the conditions through an Intake-Scan and there is a plan of approach in place that shows that certification will be achieved within two years, the participant will be allowed to start using the Fair Flowers Fair Plants label. More information about social certification, the benchmarked schedule list and the requirements that are met are shown on the certification requirements page.

Recognisable flowers and plants
Flowers and plants from participating growers are identified with an 'F' (instead of an 'A') in the chain, on the clock face and in transaction information at Dutch auctions. This 'F' is also stated in electronic clock transactions (EKT).
Are growers assigned conditional status when they provisionally only hold MPS B certification? In this case flowers and plants are marked with a 'T'. You can confirm the certificates that a grower holds on our website.

More information?
You can find more information about these certifications under certification requirements. If you have any questions, please contact us at +31 (0)6 53 87 93 57 or send an email to We will gladly provide assistance.